Foam Rolls 500mm x 200M – 1.5mm thickness

Why choose foam rolls?

  • Foam requires 50% less storage space than bubble wrap
  • 1.5mm thickness foam provides the same protection as 10mm small bubblebubblewrap
  • Foam never deflates, or becomes punctured when in transit

Description: Manufactured from “closed cell” polythene, this strong non-abrasive closed cell foam is ideal for protecting delicate items and preventing scratching of polished surfaces, and leaves no residue.

The foam is CFC free, giving environmentally friendly protection. The best product to separate dishes and other fragile items when shipping or storing. The lightweight nature of foam helps lower carriage costs.  

Size: 500mm x 200M (20″x656)

Thickness: 1.5mm

Usage: Protecting sharp/delicate objects




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