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A4 Single Integrated Easy Labels – Style R/16

Description: Single Integrated Label Style R/16 allows you to print your 150mm x 100mm courier and Royal Mail dispatch labels as part of your dispatch note or customer invoice, eliminating the need for thermal labels and reducing the likelihood of mispicks.  Run through laser printers and ink jet printers

Size : A4

Colour: White


Dimensions Positioning
100mm deep 10mm from foot
150mm wide 10mm from left
Single Style R/16


Tips: Ensure page margins when printing are adjusted to locate address in correct position on integrated label. 

Is there a best way to feed the sheets into a laser printer?

Yes there is, the printer should always pick the paper up ?paper end 1st?, depending on what model and the age of your printer. You may wish to change in ?printing preferences? to rotate by 180 degrees. This is usually in your printers settings please refer to your product manual



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